Keogh's failure to stop the ACCC incompetence - LIE

Electors have spoken to Keogh regarding the corrupt and incompetent behaviour of the ACCC.
Keogh as usual promised the world then did absolutely nothing.
Keogh has no interest in protecting his electors from the incompetent behaviour of ACCC officials.
Doesn't bother Keogh - not his problem.
He was given proof of gross incompetence and he did NOTHING.
Protecting incompetent and criminal behaviour.
No point going to Keogh if you have been wronged by any Public Service - he does not care - he cares about Matt Keogh not his electorate.
Mealy mouthed lawyer who talks big but never delivers, too weak to bring up issues in Parliament, just does as the Eastern States Labor Party tells him to do.
Matt keogh the Member for Burt is corrupt and a lair. Does nothing for Burt but a lot for the Keogh's. Just a lapdog to the faceless Labor Party bosses. A waste of a vote.

Keogh's maiden speech to Parliament - LIE

Keogh's maiden speech to Parliament - LIE
The Australian public was becoming disenfranchised with politics and something needed to be done before society ‘fractured more’ according to newly elected Member for Burt Matt Keogh.

Mr Keogh made the comments in his maiden speech to Parliament on October 10 and said something had to be done.

“I am concerned by the number of people that feel disenfranchised and disengaged with Australian political life today,” he said..

Well guess what Keogh you have made it worse with your lies and complete failure to look after your electorate.
Looking after Matt Keogh is all you are interested in.
You have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of value for BURT.
Just another career talker who will lie for his own benefit.
Matt Keogh not one positive action for Burt - always looking after Matt Keogh and the corrupt Federal Labor Party.

Keogh says sorry for the way veterans have been treated - then does nothing - LIE

Matt Keogh has kissed enough arse to be the new Minister for Veteran Affairs.
He can't look after his own electorate and they give him the Veterans Affairs portfolia.
What a complete and utter joke.
Keogh has not done a single thing for Burt now he is now representing Veterans.
As a veteran I am disgusted they put this career talker into such an important role.
We have a kiss arse Minister who will say anything and deliver on nothing. He has delivered absolutely nothing for his electorate but has done a lot for the Keogh family and the Labor Party.
Keogh - looking after Keogh.
Bad luck for Burt and any veterans needing assistance.
We have asked Keogh for help before as a veteran - HE IS NOT INTERESTED in veterans or his electorates problems, too busy looking after Keogh's career.
Matt Keogh is morally corrupt. he accepts and is involved in corrupt behaviour by the Labor Party.