Keogh has ALWAYS voted as he was told to by the faceless men in the Labor Party

Keogh was elected in 2016 and for the hundreds if not thousands of times he has had to vote for his electorate he has not ONCE voted against the Labor Party line even if the outcome was not good for Burt.

Why bother having a member who does not make up his own mind what to vote for. He is told how to vote and he follows these orders every time. He does not make the decisions - he is told how to vote.

We do not need a follower who is only interested in NSW and Victoria Labor policies.

Keogh may as well stay in Burt - his vote is decided by the faceless men who run the Labor Party not what is good for the electorate of Burt.

KEOGH represents the LABOR PARTY he does not represent the electors of BURT.

Undemocratic, elitist swill.
Waste your vote on KEOGH - a child could follow the Labor Party rules and vote exactly as they are told every time.

IT IS A WASTED vote if you vote Labor or Liberal they are both controlled by faceless men who care nothing about Burt.

Keogh's bullshit about helping Kelmscott - LIE

Guess what KEOGH - Kelmscott just like the rest of BURT is worst than when you PROMISED to make it a better place to live.


You have failed BURT - too busy looking after KEOGH and the Canberra Labor Party.

Show us the money KEOGH, stand up and fight for Burt, not just your own self interest.

Building a Better Burt - LIE

Guess what KEOGH - BURT has gone backwards - YOU have achieved nothing for BURT.

Whilst Massise amounts of Federal Money go to everyone else except BURT.

KEOGH is proud to support NSW and Victoria just not interested in fighting for funding for our forgotten area.