Matt Keogh the Labor Federal Member of Parliament failed to act on serious complaints about ASIC - HE LIED TO HIS ELECTORATE

Keogh was given proof of serious incompetence and criminal behaviour at ASIC by his own electors and he repeatedly FAILED TO ACT.
Repeated assurances from Keogh that he would do something  proved to be just blatant and deliberate lies.
Keogh puts criminal and incompetent public servants ahead of legitimate complaints from his electors.
Keogh - all talk but when it comes down to it - he will do NOTHING for his electorate.
Protecting criminal and incompetent behaviour in the Public Service.

Matt Keogh is a professional LIAR that is why his staff protected Barry Urban one of Keogh's mates another Labor LIAR we exposed.

Keogh's office spent a lot of time PROTECTING the professional liar Barry Urban. Sure Keogh would use him as a good example of a Veteran.
Vote for Matt Keogh and Labor if you want nothing for Burt because that is what he has delivered -

Matt Keogh is one of Bill Shorten's Gang - this Labor group in Federal Parliament is openly referred to by others as Shorten's Thugs

Bill Shorten the disgraceful man took money from companies for his election campaign and forget to report it.
The companies were ones he was dealing with as a Union Representative at the time.
Sounds very dodgy - that is because Bill Shorten climbed over workers backs to get to Parliament. He is a disgrace, unAustralian and demonstrates the types of crawlers who flock to Labor.

Matt Keogh is one of Bill's boys.
Anyone who would support a complete cretin like Bill Shorten has no chance of supporting workers or their electorate.
Bill Shorten - Matt Keogh - would climb over workers and pensioners to get into Parliament.
Keogh is as bad as Shorten - elitist rubbish who think they have a right to rule and are prepared to say and do anything to get into Parliament.
A vote for KEOGH is a vote for the disgraceful BILL SHORTEN and his henchmen in Canberra.

A vote for Matt Keogh is a wasted vote. Matt Keogh will do nothing for Burt he works for the Labor Party not the people of Burt

Matt Keogh the Labor Member for Burt wanted to FIX the Law until he was elected - what has he done - NOTHING just another LIE

Keogh was once a prosecutor and complained repeatedly about how the law protects white collar criminals.

Well guess what - nothing has changed except Keogh has now been shown that he lied and he was always on the side protecting White Collar Criminals.

Keogh accepts the principle that the rich and famous get special treatment under the law.

Keogh hasn't sold out, he lied - that is what lawyers do - talk complete and utter nonsense and NEVER actually do anything.

Keogh - lied.

He was never on the side of working Australians. He like every lawyer accepts that people like the disgraceful George Pell can BUY their way out of gaol.

If an average Joe was charged and imprisoned like George Pell they would never be able to BUY their way out of gaol. Keogh thinks this is acceptable.

The LAW Keogh supports is broken and he knows it and he does NOTHING to fix it because he agrees with the law protecting rich and powerful criminals.

Try it - go to KEOGH like we and others did with complaints about deliberately run, proven scams that were protected by Governments, Government Agencies and the police and see what he does - we know, he will do NOTHING.

All talk and absolutely no action because Labor Party figures were involved.

He is on the side of the rich and powerful like most lawyers.

We do not need more lying lawyers like Keogh in Parliament.
Federal Member for Burt - Matt Keogh has done nothing for the area. Too busy looking after his bosses in the Labor Party and looking after his career.

Contact us - help get rid of LYING Matt Keogh the Labor Member for Burt - just another party hack on the gravy train

Contact us by sending an email to

We do not need more lying lawyers like Keogh in Parliament. Anyone else who actually can achieve something for Burt is needed, may even get a real blue collar worker, nurse, labourer or other worker to actually represent us not some parachuted lawyer who does not care for Burt, only cares about himself.

No need to send us emails telling us how good Keogh is - heard it all from his sycophants and people on the payroll previously. Burt has gone backwards under Keogh - obvious to everyone except people on the gravy train supporting Keogh.

Not interested in hearing how he got a grant or helped someone - IT IS OUR MONEY not Keogh's and the Canberra Mafia.

Help us hold Keogh to account - he actually is meant to work for us, not the Labor Party and definately not the Canberra Mafia.
Vote for Matt Keogh if you want a corrupt Labor Party in power who will do nothing for Burt.

Matt Keogh's website survey - turned off - how surprising
The Labor member for Burt does not care what his electorate thinks.

So Keogh has gotten himself re-elected - go to his website, he has turned off his website survey.
Only wants to hear from electors when there is an election - how surprising.
Once he gets himself back on the gravy train he turns off the survey.
This guy is a real creep, obvious as hell but has a lot of nerve learnt that from his mentor and boss Bill Shorten.
Don't bother going to talk to Keogh or his staff - there is no election due so he doesn't care what you have to say.
Keogh's office in Kelmscott is purely for propaganda purposes, no intention of helping electors. Been there, done that. It is corrupt to use OUR money for your own purposes Keogh that includes using your staff to get re-elected. The red shirts scandal sounds familiar Keogh.
Try it - go to his office with a complaint - bet nothing happens, never does, all talk.
Keogh looking after Keogh and the Labor Party.
Matt Keogh is a waste of space. Does nothing for Burt but everything for his bosses in the Labor Party.