Protecting Greedy Banks Ripping Off Workers - LIE

How many Ex Labor politicians are in high level positions with banks.
Keating, Bob Carr and the notorious Anna Bligh are three of many.
Anna Bligh ran a State that allowed open corruption and organised crime to occur, she now heads the banks - perfect position for a disgraceful Ex Premier who sat back and did nothing to stop organised crime from flourishing in her state. She hosted suspected organised crime figures to State functions.
Seems she is in the perfect job for someone with absolutely no scruples or compunction about ripping off workers and families.
Banks are once again making BILLIONS from working families whilst Labor does NOTHING but protect these criminal organisations.
Had a Royal Commission - complete waste of time and millions of dollars when politicians are owned by big business.
Matt Keogh pretends to support the electorate of Burt but he is only looking after the Labor Party. Liar and corrupt.

Attacks on Superannuation - LIE

Labor will extend their attempts to get hold of people's Superannuation.
We pay TAX for a pension and Keating took that from us. The pension is now another disgrace where the poorer people are abandoned by the likes of Keating, Keogh and Albanese.
Now they want to start eating away at peoples Superannuation because they have a woke agenda to fulfil, looking after a very small minority.
Keating gave us Compulsory Superannuation which we traded off working conditions for (we already paid for our pension in our taxes, sold the Commonwealth bank which worked really well for big business and the banks but not so good for the worker)
Keating was and still is a complete disaster for working Australians but he is a hero to sitting Labor Party figures as he screwed the workforce and was applauded for it by Labor..
Keating is now the mouthpiece for the Chinese Government and has very close allies in the current Government. Some believe he has worked for the Chinese Government for many decades.
Keating is a traitor to all working people who voted Labor.
He also stabbed Bob Hawke in the back - this is a lowlife kiss arse who would rate as low as Tony Abbot the paedophile protector.
Albanese is weak, he has already folded to the big labor party donors and the Labor Party elite.

Matt Keogh the Labor Party Member for Burt refuses to stand up for his electorate. Too busy looking after Matt Keogh

TAX CUTS for the rich

Labor had the opportunity to deliver further tax cuts to those who really needed it but instead supported the corrupt Liberal Party's policy of tax cuts for the better off.
This is not a LABOR PARTY that is concerned with working people or those in need.
Ask Keogh how he justifies supporting a large tax cut to the better of when the economy is tanking and people are losing their homes and can't get rental properties.
Keogh does not care, he does what the LABOR PARTY tells him, not what is good for his electorate.

Matt Keogh has done nothing to help the people of Burt. He is a liar and has promoted himself ahead of his electorate.


Labor's ongoing disdain for democracy was shown when Albanese tried to parachuted Khristina Keneally into the seat of Bennalong at the federal election.
No discussion with local people just jobs for MATES.
Keogh was parachuted into Burt - he couldn't win Canning.
Labor says they are the democratic party.
Absolutely no concern for the electorate.
Matt Keogh has no interest in his electorate, He is too busy being the big noting Minister for Spending Billions. Can't get anything for Burt - never has.

Housing Crisis - LIES

Labor's housing policy is a complete joke. It will be money for their big developer mates with absolutely no consideration for the hundreds of thousands of people who rely on renting properties.
Decades of complete failures by Labor and Liberal to look after the people that need help.
Bringing in 300,000 migrants when we have the biggest housing crisis in our history is an absolute disgrace.
Keogh knows people are living in their cars and in tents in Burt and he still spews out the "BUILDING A BETTER BURT" lie.
Keogh will claim he is helping - he will soon be handing out tents whilst he jetsets all over the country.
Vote for Keogh if you want to end up homeless, he will probably supply you with a tent.
Matt Keogh just va big talking confidence man who delivers nothing except to his bosses in the corrupt Labor Party.