Keogh never mentioned spending $400,000,000,000 on submarines - just more lies from a corrupt politician

Matt Keogh and the Labor Party at no time during the election campaign mentioned spending 400 BILLION dollars on submarines.
Matt Keogh could not answer very basic questions about the cost of the Submarines - mainly because he appears to have no idea what he is talking about.
Keogh cannot fight for the homeloss people of Burt or the families living hand to mouth on average wages but he can fight to spend the largest outlay in Australian History to a foreign Government.
The argument is not about if we need the submarines - it is about the deceit of Matt Keogh and the Labor Party - it is not Matt Keogh or Albanese's personal money to big note themselves and run around like Statesmen.
Keogh either LIED to the electorate or was not informed of the decision to buy the submarines.
It is totally unbelievable that this deal JUST CAME UP and if that is Keogh's answer he is just LYING to the electorate and the rest of Australia AGAIN.
$400,000,000,000 is a lot of money not to mention when running for Government.
Just another one of Keogh's lies.
Happy to big note himself whilst people in Burt GET NOTHING.
Keogh is a disgrace, listen to him on the radio, cannot answer basic questions regarding the largest ever purchase of ANYTHING in Australia's history.

Wait to see what ex Labor Party members are on the boards of companies that win billion dollar contracts.

Must make working families who are struggling, sick to the stomach to listen to the dribble this man puts out whilst he does nothing for Burt.
Unaccountable, unrepresentative, lying swill who does absolutely nothing for Burt.

Read the start of the article below - Keogh knew that Labor was going to spend BILLIONS on submarines but could not tell his eletorate because he is a LIAR and does not want voters to know where the money is going.
A vote for Matt Keogh in Burt is a vote for Bill Shorten and his career bludgers

Click anywhere on this text to listen to Matt Keogh explain how he has no idea how much the new submarines are worth.


Not important Matt it is only $400,000,000,000 - plenty of jobs for your family and mates I bet.


No wonder the interviewer was shaking his head in disbelief.


Matt Keogh just keeps repeating the same lies over and over. Nothing changes - all spin and bullshit.

Reward Offered to anyone who can show us where this BETTER BURT is being built.

We are offering a large reward for anyone who can tell us where Matt Keogh is BUILDING A BETTER BURT.
He has been rabbiting on about it for over six years and we have not had any success finding out where this BETTER BURT is.

Chances are it is in the Eastern States - Matt Keogh looks after NSW and Victoria. That's where his bosses come from.

Keogh lies and spreads propaganda - he is letting Burt suffer to further his career - Nothing for Burt - Plenty for Keogh.
A vote for Matt Keogh is a wasted vote. Matt Keogh will do nothing for Burt he works for the Labor Party not the people of Burt

Labor and Matt Keogh are CORRUPT. Keogh supports using electors money to buy votes - this is CORRUPT Matt Keogh

Pork barreling using Government funds to buy votes is CORRUPTION.
It is now official - Labor has acted corruptly just as the Liberal Party did and used OUR money to try to buy favour with voters.
Blatant Pork Barreling is CORRUPT.
So Keogh thinks it is ok to give OUR money to electorates to try to buy votes. Only a lying, dishonest Lawyer could think this is legal.
Absolutely disgraceful and of course not one cent came to Burt.
Keogh is obviously happy with giving our money to other areas based on the Labor Party's electoral needs.
Just corruption - just like the Liberals.
Liars, hypocrites and corrupt to the core.
Federal Member for Burt - Matt Keogh has done nothing for the area. Too busy looking after his bosses in the Labor Party and looking after his career.

It is not your money MATT KEOGH no matter what your bosses or the criminals in Canberra tell you.

Makes me sick to the stomach to see Politicians like Matt Keogh and Tony Buti putting their names on government cheques.

IT IS NOT YOUR MONEY you are giving away Matt Keogh, it already belongs to us.

So we should thank you for getting a pittance of our taxes back as grants.

You have done nothing for BURT - we have gone backwards since 2016 and now you appear to have abandoned BURT completely.

What a tosser - thinks it is his own money - Brainwashed Lying Lawyer.

How about some help for homeless people, working families who are living in tents and cars and everyone else LABOR promised to help but have now abandoned them for the WOKE Canberra agenda. Just LIES repeated over and over to the electorate then forgotten as soon as the faceless men get their hands on OUR MONEY.

Too busy with your WOKE agenda Matt Keogh to look after the people of BURT.
Federal Member for Burt - Matt Keogh has done nothing for the area. Too busy looking after his bosses in the Labor Party and looking after his career.

More Matt Keogh bullshit - he never came to OUR house or any house belonging to anyone we know in BURT

Read the dribble below from Matt Keogh's propaganda machine.
Matt Keogh will listen to anyone but he only does what Matt Keogh and the Labor Party want not what is good for BURT.
What is good for BURT is not good for the Canberra Labor party who direct Matt Keogh how to vote.
Why bother listening to anyone when you have absolutely no say in Canberra.
If you are so good -SHOW US THE MONEY KEOGH.
All bullshit - we get a pittance back because Matt Keogh and Labor do not care about BURT.
Just another big talking conman full of his own self importance.
Federal Member for Burt - Matt Keogh has done nothing for the area. Too busy looking after his bosses in the Labor Party and looking after his career.

Albanese has absolutely no idea of normal life - he is a career politician who has never experienced real working life.
Matt Keogh has no concept of working Australia. Parachuted into BURT by the factional leaders.
Do not expect Matt Keogh to deliver anything except to his bosses in Canberra.

Why Armadale won the SHITTEST town in WA award and will continue to win awards for being a SHIT town until Labor and Liberal actually put some money into the area.

Matt Keogh was offended that Armadale won the Shittest town in WA and made a complete fool of himself online.

He has done nothing for Burt or for Armadale but has done a lot of self promotion and protecting jobs for the boys and girls in his inner circle.

No one who lives in Armadale was surprised at winning the award. Everyone has known for decades that the Armadale area has been completely neglected by Labor for decades. It has been CRIMINALLY neglected as corrupt parties use OUR money to pork barrel and try to win seats. Keogh and Buti know this is CORRUPT but they both support the CORRUPT practices - says a lot for them as lawyers.

When Labor and Liberal direct all major funding to areas corruptly just to win seats a safe Labor area like Armadale is always neglected.

When Armadale both at a State level and a Federal level is represented by so called intellectual LAWYERS there is absolutely no chance of anything being done to stop CORRUPT funding practices. Both Laywers support the CORRUPT practice of pork barrelling.

Neither Matt Keogh or Tony Buti would ever stand up for Armadale, both are too busy following orders from the Labor Party.

Armadale and Burt will never be properly represented until we elect some real working class people to Parliament. People not beholden to factions for their positions, people who actually represent the majority of people in the electorate and do not represent CORRUPT political parties or support known corrupt practices to stay in power.

Both Keogh and Buti know the Corruption in the Labor Party - they are part of it and should be totally ashamed of themselves. Like pigs with their snouts in the public purse.

Worst than used car salesmen - just liars, manipulators and professional talkers who do nothing of any value for anyone except themselves.

Keogh makes a lot of noise - doesn't appear to do anything else - all hot air and lies.
A vote for Matt Keogh in Burt condems Burt to low funding and minimal infrastructure