Cost of Living LIES by Chalmers

Matt Keogh the Federal Labor Member of Parliament LIED to the electors of BURT

Matt Keogh followed the Labor Strategy of LYING to the electorate to win the last Federal Election.

Labor has corruptly used government funds to pork barrel  - this is clear CORRUPTION and Labor promised to stamp out corruption - LIES from Matt Keogh and the Labor Party - they are as corrupt as the Liberals. How much Government money went into Keogh's election - he is a proven liar so there is now ay to find out.

Nearly a decade of representing Burt and promising to BUILD A  BETTER BURT we have gone backwards.

Burt deserves more than a Party hack looking after his own interests and the interests of the faceless men running the Labor Party.

No FEDERAL or STATE funds of any value - voting for KEOGH guarantees low funding for BURT.
A Vote for Keogh is a wasted vote.

If you want to vote for a man who openly supports corruption - Vote for Matt Keogh
If you want to vote for a man who has done very little for Burt but a lot for himself - Vote for Matt Keogh
If you want Burt to get no or very little federal funding - Vote for Matt Keogh
If you want more lies and political corruption - Vote for Matt Keogh
If you want to live in an area repeatedly named as one of the SHITTIEST areas  in Australia and which is totally ignored by Labor and Liberal - Vote for Matt Keogh
If you want a guy who stands for NOTHING but himself and his career- Vote for Matt Keogh
If you want a man who ignores the plight of his electorate - Vote for Matt Keogh
If you believe it is alright for politicians to use our money to get re elected - Vote for Matt Keogh
Matt Keogh Burt Labor Party nothing for Burt everything for labor and Keogh
Weasel words from the Labor Party about an open Corruption Commission. Now the gaggle of corrupt Labor Lawyers have changed the Commission to protect their own Members.

Labor proposed a national anti-corruption commission “with teeth” by the end of 2022. It said its model would have the power to hold public hearings and publicly issue findings and expected it would examine alleged misconduct going back up to 15 years.

Complete nonsense compared to the compromise Commission Labor is now proposing with the support of the corrupt Liberal Party.

An outright lie, supported by Matt Keogh - weasal words from a lying member of Parliament.
Keogh represents Labor not the people of Burt.

This election promise has definately been broken - add it to the list of LIES.
Burt Member Matt Keogh Labor Party does nothing for Burt. Too busy for Burt.


Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus says the Albanese Labor government are “committed” to merit-based transparent appointments in the “transparent” avoidance of Jobs for Mates.
Explain how two ex politicians have been handed lucrative Government roles.
Kevin Rudd and Stephen Smith both LABOR party politicians that had passed their use by date with the electorate.
Just another LIE from Labor, JOBS FOR MATES.
Ex Politicians should never be appointed to any Government Role - smells like CORRUPTION and jobs for mates.
Matt Keogh Burt Labor politician who does nothing for Burt but a lot for Labor and Matt Keogh


Another intentional lie sprouted repeatedly by the Labor Party to get elected.
“That’s why the Albanese Government is focused on providing cost-of-living relief that doesn’t put extra pressure on inflation – things like cheaper medicine and childcare and electricity bill relief,” he said.
LIARS - they have done nothing and have an endless round of enquiries and jobs for their mates looking into the Cost of Living, nothing has changed, it has gotten worst whilst Albanese runs around the world trying to look like a Statesman.
They have done nothing of value and this gets the tick as a deliberate lie.
Matt Keogh probably gets his power bill paid by party donors.
Cost of Living would not be affecting Keogh's family or the gaggle of sycophants bludging off the public purse.
Matt Keogh Labor Burt Lying Lawyer Nothing for Burt

Training Australians to fix the Skills Shortage - LIE

More than 300,000 migrants are about to arrive in Australia - putting even more pressure on housing, hospitals and schools
So much for Training Australians for jobs - Just another lie from Labor.
They would say anything to get your vote.
Not a word about the 300,000 migrants Labor is going to fast track into Australia to help their Multi National donors.
Remember the 457 Visa scam when hundreds of thousands of people came to Australia on FAKE papers.
Trust the Public Service to vet the qualifications - no way - we worked with many 457 workers - most were totally unskilled.
A vote for Keogh is a wasted vote. Keogh will do nothing for Burt but a lot for Keogh

Cost of Living Crisis - LIE

"Under the Morrison government, petrol prices are skyrocketing, real wages are going down and working families are going backwards, and I think that should be central to an election about the economy, about living standards and about the Prime Minister's failures on economic management."

Well the Cost Of Living has gotten drastically worse under LABOR and they appear to be totally lost on how to fix anything.
Don't blame the incompetent corrupt Liberal Party, YOU are running the country.
You are letting working people down whilst you talk incessantly about nothing.
LABOR lied when they said they would lower the cost of living.
They do not have a clue what they are doing and have no interest except looking after themselves,
Labor like Liberal are CORRUPT
A vote for Keogh is not a vote for burt. It is a wasted vote. Lies and corruption.